Build Your Career With Luscious Glances

Luscious Glances Can Put You Onto The Path Of Success.Train with us for the right learning of the perfect blend of beauty and aesthetics..

We Are Offering Courses : –

  • Eyelash Extension
  • Nail Extension
  • Hair Extension
  • Microbladding
  • Luscious Glances has built its success on the excellence of its services through its best in industry training, focusing on their extreme quality, safety,and performance with the best aesthetic looks.Participation in the Luscious Glances training course is a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of innovative eyelash application methods and doing nails respectively.Having world-class, certified trainers/educators is one of the many aspects to choose Luscious Glances for futuristic learning in the ever-evolving beauty and cosmetology industry.Luscious glances is India’s 1st and only studio of its kind – presenting all types of Extension Courses…proposed treatments or services involving the professionals of the sector in the training part.Choosing a course with Luscious Glances, be it eyelash extension, Hair Extension, microblading And  nail art, you will be sure to have at your disposal a highly qualified self with the right and completeknowledge of the field with many practice classes on the dummy clients.Don’t hesitate, get on the fast track to professional success right now…Invest in your future today, with Luscious Glances.        
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